Have you noticed that the music now suddenly stops after just one song when you search in Spotify?

When searching for a song in Spotify, you get a list of songs available to play. Recently Spotify played the next songs automatically, but now it suddenly stops after the first song, even if there are lots of songs in the search list.

Spotify has recently removed the autoplay feature, which means that requested songs can only be played one by one if they are played from the search result and not from a playlist.

– We have changed the way tracks are played from search results, due to the introduction of Spotify Open earlier this year, says Jim Butcher, Communications Manager at Spotify to the Swedish magazine PC för Alla.

By that, Jim Butcher means that the service will no longer be wasting playing time for users that use Spotify Open, and only has access to 20 hours of listening per month.

But at the moment, the auto-play feature has been removed from all Spotify account types, such as Unlimited and Premium. Users in Spotify’s own support forums are not very happy with this solution.

– For each change, we listen carefully to what users have to say. As a result, we will re-introduce the autoplay of search results for Unlimited and Premium Users.

Spotify Open users can still listen to songs nonstop, but then by transferring the results to the play queue or to a playlist first. Besides, continuous listening will still be possible through the album or artist view, says Jim Butcher.

Source: IDG News