I have previously told all you rally game fans out there about the blog that Milstone has put up, and also about the official website from Black Bean.

Now things are really starting to heat up, as there has been a lot of development on both web sites since I last visited them. You might wanna check them out for yourself to get ready for the big launch on October 8th.

Anyway, I will give you some quick stats, right now!

This is some of the general features in the game, and I am very happy to see that we will be able to drive a complete championship online, not just single stages. Online play supports up to 16 players.  Also for the first time on PS3 up to 4 players can compete offline taking turns on a single stage, single rally or a complete championship. Just like in the good old days!

Here are the cars we get to drive and the contries that the rally stages are set in.  You can unlock exclusive sets of liveries and sponsors for each car. Besides the top WRC category, there are also  S-WRC, P-WRC and J-WRC cars.

Personally I would have liked Norway to be in the game, but at least I got to see it live last year.

Follow the links below for even more information, videos, screenshots, newsletters and more…

Visit Black Beans Official WRC 2010 web site here.

And visit the Milestone WRC blog here.

You can also read my previous coverage of this game here.

See you on October 8th… in my rear view mirror! 😉