Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs presented a new version of Mac OS X, an App Store to Mac and new versions of MacBook Air yesterday.

Apple’s MacBook Air notebook was thin before, but now it is even thinner. With only 1.7 centimeters at its thickest point and 0.3 inches at the thinnest, the new MacBook was presented as “notebook meets iPad”. See the various models and prices in the screenshot below. The new models of the MacBook Air is available now.

Jobs could also reveal the latest version of Mac OS X, version 10.7, called Lion. The slogan this time was “Back to the Mac,” and the idea is to bring items from the iPhone and iPad into the operating system. Among other things, Apple introduced a start screen, or “Launchpad” as Apple calls it, similar to the home screen that is seen on the iPhone. From here you can quickly gain access to the computers programs. Lion will be released during the summmer of 2011.

One of the more interesting news is that Apple will launch an application store for Mac computers. In the same way as the App Store on iPhone, an App Store for Mac computers will offer easy access to applications which are installed with a keystroke. Updates will also be made available in the same way as for the iPhone. The App Store for Mac will be released within 90 days.

Apple also announced FaceTime for Mac, which enables you to make video calls to iPhone 4, iPod Touch, or another Mac from your Mac. And iLife 11, a major upgrade that gives Mac users more ways to create and share photos, movies, and music.

If you missed the live event, Apple has now made it available here.

(via Computerworld)