DICE assures that they will prioritize the PC version in the next edition of the traditional battlefield series.

There has been worries that DICE (EA Digital Illusions CE), the developer behind the series, would focus on providing a service for console owners who want to try out what was primarily a PC game. It has also been speculated that DICE would develop a separate version of the game for PC, but a recent message from Game Designer at DICE, Alan Kertz, on his Twitter account denies that.

Kertz also submitted a long post on the Battlefield 3 forums, where he explained how platform specific features had been taken into account during the development of previous Battlefield titles, before he promised that the PC version of Battlefield 3 will receive his “special attention”.

It’s too early to talk BF3 specifics. But it’s never too early for me to acknowledge that PC players have a fear that BF3 will be “consolized.” PC gaming is alive and well, BFBC2 has proven that and no one at DICE or EA can argue with the numbers. Battlefield 3 needs an extra bit of special attention on the PC. I intend to give it that attention, tradition and our community demand it.

(via Spillverket)