Mozila will not be releasing Firefox 4 in november as originally planned, instead it will be released early next year.

Mozilla originally planned to release Firefox 4.0 in November, but it is now clear that version 4 will be delayed. The Release Candidate will be released in early 2011, and the final version shortly after that, according to Mozilla Wiki.

The developers apparently has problems to get certain features in place. Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 was ment to have all planned features in place, and it was scheduled for release in September, but will probably first appear in November. The delay is based on feedback from beta testers and developers of add-ons and third-party software.

Firefox 4.0 Beta 6, however, is available for download here. These are some of the new features:

  • Support for Audio Data API programming interface.
  • Direct2D hardware acceleration is now standard.
  • New Firefox button that will simplify navigation.
  • Support for HST’s security protocol (some pages may be forced to use SSL).
  • Built-in sync with Firefox Sync .
  • Better support for extensions.
  • Improved tab function.
  • Better support for HTML5 and CSS.
  • Faster Java Script engine.
  • Better protection against crashes from add-ons such as Flash, Quicktime and Silverlight.
  • Full WebGL support, but disabled by default, at least in this beta.

See the complete list of new fearures in this and previous beta versions here.