Defeat nanomachines inside the human body in a new microscopic warfare shooter from Electronic Arts.

Electronic Arts presents a new type of shooter, a version that takes place inside the human body. The name of the game is MicroBot, and it has the following unusual plot:

MicroHexon Research thought they had revolutionised medical technology when they invented the MicroBot, a microscopic robot specifically designed to assist the immune system in fighting a variety of health ailments.

Unfortunately, due to a disastrous malfunction, their technology is now working in tandem with the viruses and bacteria and attempting to take over the host body. Now it is up to you to stop the biotechnical infestation before it’s too late.

Pilot a prototype cutting-edge MicroBot that can be customised and upgraded mid-mission in order to cure the infected host. Improve your weaponry, movement, defensive options and special attacks using data fragments harvested from eradicated enemies.

Travel through blood, bone, breath and brain as you track down and eliminate the cause of the infection. But are you the ultimate cure…or the next disease?

MicroBot will be released digitally to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live during the winter of 2011.

(via Spillverket)