Microsoft and Facebook has introduced a new search feature that will make Internet searches more social.

The new search feature which was implemented on Microsoft’s search engine yesterday, is called Liked Results. It uses uses Facebook’s “Like” information to help you discover new information and get more personalized results in Bing. This means that if you search for a restaurant, Bing will first show results from restaurants that the user’s Facebook friends has liked.

“This collaboration is the unfolding of a new era of better search with people”, said Qi Lu, Microsoft’s Head of Online Services.

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and Chief Executive of Facebook, said the move is an expansion of the company’s partnership with Microsoft.

“The core of the search page will change radically with the help of your friends. I have no doubt that social integration will do for search what social innovation has done for games, photos, groups and events. This is just the beginning.”, he said.

Below is an example of how this new feature works. The first screenshot shows an original result for a “san francisco steakhouse”.

The next screenshot shows the result of the same search if one of your Facebook friends have liked a particular steakhouse. To me, this seems like great feature, and this will probably make Google worry a little.

Microsoft bought a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook in 2007 for $240 million, and since then, the two companies have rolled out new features like Bing Maps on the Facebook Places application.

(via IDG News)