In the first level in the new game from Treyarch, Call of Duty: Black Ops, you get the assignment to kill the Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The plot takes place in the 60’s, when the crisis between Cuba and the United States was about to escalate, and Castro was a young revolutionary.

The Cuban Cuban authorities does not like this, and today, an article published in the newspaper Cubadebate takes up the theme. The newspaper notes that the U.S. has tried to kill Castro for 50 years without success, so now they’re trying to do this virtually.

“The logic of this new game is doubly perverse: firstly, the attacks that glorifies illegal assassination attempts the United States government planned against Cuban leader Fidel, who in reality has survived more than 600 of them. And on the other hand, encourages sociopathic attitudes of American children and adolescents, the main consumers of these virtual games.”

The picture below demonstrates what all the fuzz is about, and I must admit that it was a weird feeling, to actually get a headshot on Castro… Or did I?

If you want to see it in slow motion, watch the video below.