In recent years it has become popular to use special software to unlock smart phones so that you can install software from alternative sources. The phenomenon has now reached the Windows Phone 7, and developers on the blog announces that they have just released the tool ChevronWP7.

ChevronWP7 works with Windows XP SP2 and later versions of Windows. It is an executable file, which opens up your Windows Phone 7 mobile with just a few mouse clicks. This tool is claimed by the developers to be completely safe and reversible for the phone.

The developers are very clear on the fact that they do not condone piracy.

  • We will not help or support efforts to pirate WP7 applications
    Our intention is to enable and create WP7 homebrew applications that cannot be submitted to the Marketplace in the first place.
  • ChevronWP7 is not an enabler for piracy
    Our tool only enables functionality inside every Windows Phone 7 device designed and implemented by Microsoft. We do not make any modifications to the operating system.

Be aware that the use of this tool is not in any way supported by Microsoft!

(via IDG News)