An Iraqi-born professor and artist in New York, Wafaa Bilal, is to operate a camera in the back of his head and stream the images live to a museum in Qatar. The camera is the size of a thumbnail and will be attached at the back of his head like a piercing, according to Mail Online.

According to Bilal, the project is called “The 3rd I”, and is a “project to comment on the impossibility of capturing memories and experiences”.

The camera will be taking pictures at one-minute intervals with the images being streamed live to a new Qatari museum called Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art.

But many students at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where Bilal teaches are upset with the idea, which they see as an invasion of their privacy. So, Bilal has agreed to cover the camera with a black lens cap when he is located at the university campus.

(via ComputerSweden)