Last week The Register speculated that Ubuntu would go from being released every six months to a rolling release with daily updates. The reason would be to provide users with more relevant applications, allowing them to compete with other app markets, such as the ones for iPhone and Android.

This is now denied by the developers at Canonical. Rick Spencer, a software engineer on Ubuntu writes the following on his blog, The Raving Rick:

“Ubuntu is not changing to a rolling release. We are confident that our customers, partners, and the FLOSS ecosystem are well served by our current release cadence. What the article was probably referring to was the possibility of making it easier for developers to use cutting edge versions of certain software packages on Ubuntu.This is a wide-ranging project that we will continue to pursue through our normal planning processes.”

Ubuntu will continue to have a stable release with a six month interval, but as Rick explains, you still have the “option to stay cutting edge on certain packages (at your own risk)”.

(via TechWorld)