It seems that the controversial Internet service Wikileaks is about to release documents that are even more extensive than the large collection from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that were published earlier this year.

Wikileaks posted on Twitter that the forthcoming publication is seven times larger than the “Iraq War Logs”, which was released in late October. This means that we are talking about more than 400,000 military documents from the war in Iraq.

If the information on Twitter is correct, Wikileaks sis in possetion of more than 2.8 million documents that will be published in the near future. Probably this is yet another collection of classified military documents. Wikileaks suggests that this leakage is even more explosive than the documents from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Internet service also says that they are exposed to intense pressure at the moment. Recently, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales commented strongly critical about Wikileaks, in an interview with Charlie Rose.

Interview – Part 1

Interview – Part 2