Tomorrow, Google is holding a press conference about Chrome, which has resulted in a lot of speculation about a new Google Chrome OS netbook. Chrome has in the past year been overlooked due to Google’s amazing success with the Android OS for smartphones.

According to Google, Android is not optimized to be running on tablets or netbooks, although there are several companies who has released tablets and netbooks running on modified versions of Android. Google has instead suggested that Chrome OS is better suited for larger displays compared to Android .

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, has denied that we will be seeing tablets runnig the Chrome OS. During the Web 2.0 Summit recently, Eric Schmidt said that Chrome OS will only work with computers that have a physical keyboard.

Plenty of technology sited around the web are now predicting that Google will be releasing new netbooks with Chrome OS tomorrow. I will keep you updated when it is clear what tomorrow’s event reveals.

Google Chrome OS was launched in 2009 and is designed to be fast and focused on a web expreience. The idea of Chrome OS is that it will deeply integrated with cloud services.

(via IDG News)