From Epic Games and  ChAIR Entertainment, comes Infinity Blade, this years most discussed game title developed exclusively for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

IGN has already managed to finish playing the game, here’s a small part of their review:

Infinity Blade begins with an assault on the castle of the God King. It’s unclear why you have a beef with the God King, but he seems like a bad enough guy to merit a sword in the face. Unfortunately, you can’t even get past his giant guardian, who quickly crushes you. The God King then drives the treasured Infinity Blade through your chest, absorbing your essence.

Twenty years later, you return as the son of the fallen hero, out for revenge. Battling your way through the castle, you fight against tougher enemies but have all the skills and items of your ancestor. Then the God King, who is far more powerful, beats you in combat and shoves his sword through your chest. And so your son eventually comes to the castle seeking revenge. So goes the endless loop of Infinity Blade, which manages to continue this cycle even after you’ve slain the God King.

I’ve never had an issue with the cartoony look of great games such as Angry Birds and Game Dev Story. These are the games that keep me hooked to my iPhone, but then again, I have never seen a game that looked as good as Infinity Blade. This is an absolute stunner for any handheld device and ushers in a new era of possibility for high-end graphics. I won’t toss a bunch of graphical jargon your way — let’s just say that Infinity Blade uses a lot of the visual tricks often only seen in console games. It’s a stunning achievement on both iPhone 4 and iPad (with the 3GS version also looking good, though not nearly as impressive).

Read the full review @ IGN.

The system requirements are iOS 3.2 or later, while the price tag is $5.99. Infinity Blade is a so-called universal app, meaning that it can be played on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch 3 (16 GB and 32 GB only), or iPod Touch 4.

Be aware that it will not run on the iPhone 3G or the first or second generation of the iPod Touch. This is because the graphics is as demanding as it is.

Download Infinity Blade from the App Store.

IGN has also made an Infinity Blade video review, which you can watch below:

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