Some images of a possible Apple-console has been reported in the media lately. Are these images a flashback to what a console from Apple would look like, if it was released?

The images are from the website The Apple Collection, and was designed by artist Michael Giles, back in 2003. The design is verry similar to the PlayStation 3. Both the controller and the console bears huge similarities in form but stands out by its white color and translucent plastic. The fact that the controller is wired reveals that a lot has happened in recent years in the gaming industry. Had the iPlay been released today it would obviously had wireless communication.

Anyway, it is a fascinating concept, and it makes you wonder what Apple’s future strategy regarding the gaming industry is? Given how popular iPhone, iPod Touch, and now iPad, have become as gaming platforms, is there a future for a new console from Apple? Regardless of what Apple’s future strategi is, it would be interesting to see how they would compete with other consoles, if they were to enter the console industry.

(via IDG News)