Google has released the final version of Google Chrome 8 for download. The new version contains lots of improvements and also a large collection of bug fixes. In total, Chrome 8 includes no less than 800 bug fixes from previous versions. One of the biggest new features is that Chrome now comes with a new built-in PDF reader.

This is an important step to increase security and enable the user to open PDF files on the internet without having to use Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader has been full of security holes, in recent years.

The new built-in PDF reader uses sandboxing technology to protect your computer from malicious code in PDF documents.

Google is currently developing a similar technology with Adobe that will make it possible to run Flash with sandboxing technology. Protection for Flash will be released in the next major upgrade of Chrome, which is scheduled for early or mid 2011.

Some of the more fundamental new features in Chrome 8 is not noticeable at first glance. According to the developers of Google’s Chrome 8, it is the first browser that supports the Chrome Web Store, Google’s new investment in an online store where it will be possible to buy apps that runs in Chrome.

The latest version of Chrome 8 can be downloaded from the Google website. But if you already have Chrome installed your computer, the new version will be downloaded automatically in the background. Google Chrome 8 is available for both Windows and Mac.

(via IDG News)