Sony Ericsson sues the Wimax operator, Clearwire, for having a “confusingly similar” logo. The lawsuit was recently filed to the district court in Virginia, U.S., with demands for compensation and damages, as well as forcing Clearwire to withdraw the logo.

Sony Ericsson claims to have trademarked their logo in 2006, with the U.S. authorities. Clearwire was founded in 2008 as a joint venture between Sprint Nextel and a number of other companies. Sony Ericsson claims that Clearwire filed a trademark application in late 2009 for a sphere with a swirl logo. And in October 2010 Clearwire said the color would be lime green…

“Sony Ericsson has for years used distinctive, recognized sphere with swirl green and silver/white logos – which are federally registered trademarks – to advertise and brand its products and services,” Sony wrote in its filing. “Sony Ericsson has spent millions of dollars on advertising and sponsorships to create goodwill and build an association with its sphere with swirl marks in the minds of consumers.”

Both companies now have logos with a similar design, with green, white and silver. Do they look “confusingly similar”? I think they do…

Sony Ericsson (left) vs Clearwire (right)

An other reason for the lawsuit is the fact that Clearwire is planning to launch their own mobile phone. The company has not yet released any mobile phones, but they have announced plans for a Clearwire phone, which will include the Clearwire logo. If they do, Clearwire would be a direct competitor to Sony Ericsson.

Using the Clearwire logo on a phone “will further exacerbate the confusion,” Sony Ericsson said. “Unless enjoined, [Clearwire’s] current and announced conduct will confuse consumers and cause irreperable harm to Sony Ericsson.”

(via IDG News)