During the ongoing 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Google demonstrated the new operating system Android 3.0, which also goes by the nickname Honeycomb. Unlike previous versions of Android, Honeycomb is specially customized to work better with tablets.

“We wanted our tablet experience to be better, not just bigger,” said Mike Cleron, principal software engineer for Google.

Honeycomb requires no physical buttons to be operatedm instead it has support of virtual buttons on the screen. The advantage of this solution is that the buttons always appear at the bottom of the screen regardless of whether a device is in portrait or landscape mode.

One of the biggest news is the improved support for so-called widgets. Google showed off a widget for Gmail that allows you to quickly see new email messages directly from your Home screen. Gmail has been completely redesigned for tablets, and it displays columns with the left one listing folders, the middle a list of contacts and the right column showing recent messages.

In addition, you can also create widgets for friends to quickly see a friend’s social activities on the internet directly on your Home screen. A feature that is quite similar to Microsoft’s use of tiles on the Windows Phone 7.

“It shows you want you can do with an OS designed from the ground up for multitasking,” Cleron said.

Below you can get a closer preview at the new features of Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

(via IDG News)