Yesterday Google released the final version of their new web browser, Google Chrome 9. The latest version of Google Chrome includes a number of new features. Among the biggest news, we find features like Instant Chrome, Webgl and the new Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Instant works in much the same way that Google Instant. When you type a URL in the address bar of your browser, the website will begin loading as you type in the address.

Another great new feature is support for 3D graphics using a new Web technology called Webgl. Webgl will also be supported in Firefox 4, which will probably be released at the end of the month. Webgl is a technology that uses computer hardware to demonstrate advanced 3D graphics in your browser. It allows you to create everything from games to new ways of working with images on the web. To see what you can do with Webgl you can visit Google’s experimental site.

Another new feature is the brand new Chrome Web Store, an online store that contains lots of apps for the browser. Some of the apps are free while others cost money. Chrome Web Store works much like add-ons for Firefox, but the apps also work in Chrome OS. Currently, the Chrome Web Store is only avaiable for for U.S. users.

Watch a demonstration of Chrome Web Store below.

(via IDG News)