The Police Chief James Batteli in Mahwah, New Jersey in the United States believes it is wrong to allow teenagers to do as they please on their own Facebook account. He wants parents to gain full access to their kids accounts without telling them.

“Trust sounds good. It’s a good cliché,” says Batelli. “But to stick your head in the sand and think that, in 9th, 10th, 8th grade, your child is not going to be exposed to alcohol, is not going to be exposed to drugs is kind of a naive way to go about it.”

He thinks parents should install keystroke-recording software, a kind of spyware, to get hold of the kids passwords, and then exercise control without the kids knowledge. Bateli has his own teenage daughter, but would not say whether or not he does this against her.

The police chief believes it is imperative to check if the kids are posting (or tagged in) inappropriate photos. He says that Facebook photos are a threat to young people’s college and career opportunities in the future. He is also concerned about potential child predators who are using social networking websites as a tool to find their prey.

“If you sugar-coat it, parents just don’t get it. Read the paper any day of the week and you’ll see an abduction or a sexual assault that’s the result of an Internet interaction or a Facebook comment.”

(via ITavisen)