The Norwegian game developer Funcom is about to overhaul their existing MMO titles with a new physics technology from NVIDIA. The new Dreamworld 2.5 engine now supports server-side NVIDIA PhysX technology.

Funcom and NVIDIA have announced that Funcom’s proprietary Dreamworld 2.5, a leading game engine for massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), is the first game to incorporate server-side NVIDIA® PhysX®. This unique implementation into the Dreamworld engine  results in more than a doubling in the speed-of in-game physics processing vs. traditional client-side PhysX technology, delivering realistic collision effects within the online gaming environment.

This new technology, and the new rendering technology makes the games environment even more beautiful,  and should already be available for Age of Conan players.

Watch the video below to take a closer look at the new improvements in Age of Conan.

The same graphics engine is also used in Funcom’s upcoming game The Secret World, so we can expect some good graphics there too.

(via ITavisen)