It has been said that men want beautiful women, while women want men who already has beautiful women. This claim could very well be the business idea behind the new web service, called Cloud Girlfriend. The new service will create a “perfect girlfriend” out of thin air for users of the service.

Business Insider wrote a story about this service last week, and the co-founder of Cloud Girlfriend, David Fuhriman, contacted the website to fillthem in on some more details about the service:

  • Cloud Girlfriend will consist of a network of real human beings, not automated bots, that users will interact with over Facebook.
  • Fuhriman thinks it can help guys get a girlfriend.  If visitors to your Facebook profile to see wall posts from your imaginary sweetheart, they might think, “Someone else thinks highly enough of this person to date him, so maybe I should too.”
  • Cloud Girlfriend is not a porn site or adult chat service. (Although it does remind us a hotline where you can talk to someone of the opposite sex if you’re lonely.)
  • Fuhriman said the site has a therapeutic value and can fulfill psychological needs like intimacy and friendship even though the interaction is virtual. He also maintains that these interactions can even build self confidence and help users navigate real-life situations

As you can see, Fuhriman stressed that this is not a porn or sex service, but he believes it may have some therapeutic effects for lonely people and that it can help build confidence. He also emphasizes this is not an automated messaging service, but real people will be in contact, but with false names and images, obviously.

According to the website, the user can define a perfect girlfriend and freely choose what social networks she is to appear on. I did not try this service myself, as I’m happily married, and I would really get in trouble trying to explain that “it’s only research”…

But if you would like to try it (at your own risk), feel free. Just remember… It is NOT real!

Anyway, below you can see a video where Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur and Jayar Jackson from The Young Turks discuss the new service.

(via DagensIT)