Mandriva has just released the second alpha of Mandriva 2011, and so far the Linux distribution contains plenty of new software. Unlike many other Linux distributions, Mandriva still offers OpenOffice and has not yet made the move to LibreOffice.

Mandriva has also chosen to use the new Red Hat developed system launcher “systemd“, which will provide faster boot, since services can be started simultaneously.

This is some of the software  you will find in Mandiva 2011 Alpha 2:

  • Linux kernel
  • KDE SC 4.6.0
  • GNOME 2.32.1
  • XFCE 4.8.0
  • X.Org 7.5
  • XOrg Server 1.9.4
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 12
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.7
  • 3
  • Clementine 0.6
  • NetworkManager 0.8.2
  • Systemd 18
  • GCC 4.5.2
  • OpenSSL 1.0.0d
  • Wine 1.3.14

Last year, Mandriva lost a lot of developers who started their own fork of Mandriva Linux, called Mageia. Mageia is currently only available in alpha 1, and a look at the development plans reveals that a final version is expected to be released on June 1, this year.

(source: Mandriva Blog)