Google previously had plans for the new operating system Google Chrome OS to be available for new computers during the first half of 2011, but this will not happen. Instead, it is now likely that Chrome OS Netbooks will start shipping during the second half of 2011.

It is now rumored around the web that vendors like Acer, Asus and Samsung are developing 10- to 12-inch notebooks, or netbooks, based on Intel and Nvidia processors. Sony is also developing a machine, which is said to be equipped with two Tegra processors from Nvidia. HP and Dell is apparently also considering to include Chrome OS in some of their their machines, but no decision has been made by the two companies.

The goal is to have the machines ready for demonstration at the Computex Taipei 2011 exhibition which starts May 31, and the price is expected to be just under $300, to separate them from the tablet PC market which currently is priced above $499.

Learn more about using a Chrome OS Notebook in the following video: