GNOME is a desktop environment which is used in Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Fedora, because GNOME share the same vision as these distributions. And one of these goals are simplicity and ease of use.

What differentiates GNOME 3 from other GNOME desktop environments, such as KDE and Xfce, is that it has three menus instead of one. GNOME has one menu for applications, one for places (hard disks, CD-ROM, network locations etc.) and a configuration tool.

GNOME is now available in version 3, and this should be even easier to use than previous versions, thanks to a new GNOME Shell.System settings in GNOME 3 has been given a complete overhaul, with changes that will make easier to configure the desktop environment.

Furthermore, in GNOME 3 it is easy to organize and keep track of multiple windows simultaneously.

The Nautilus File Browser has also been redesigned.

Here are some of the news in GNOME 3:

  • Side-by-side window tiling to make using several windows simple and easy
  • A redesigned file manager
  • Redesigned workspaces so you can easily organise your windows
  • Major changes under the hood to give you a faster, smoother experience
  • A satisfying experience, whatever kind of computer you use: GNOME 3 will feel right at home on netbooks as well as larger machines

The official release notes can be found here.

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