The Norwegian company Opera Software released Opera 11.10 today, previously code-named Barracuda. One of the biggest new features in the new version is an improvement of the Opera Turbo service that speeds up surfing by compressing webpages.

According to Opera, images on websites will, in average, be 54 percent smaller than the original image. This makes the loading time of webpages almost 40 percent faster with Opera Turbo than other browsers. The technique is particularly handy for users who are on the move with mobile devices and only have access to slow Internet connections or 3G.

The new Opera browser has also been given a facelift of Speed ​​Dial. Speed ​​Dial is a feature that allows you to create shortcuts to the websites you visit most frequently. In the latest version of Opera, you can add an unlimited number of shortcuts and also better determine what they look like.

Opera 11.10 has improved the support for plug-ins and the browser will now automatically download a plug-in such as Flash, if you are visiting a website that requires it.

For a closer look of all the features in the new Opera 11.10, visit the official Opera website. You can download the new Opera 11.10 from there, or if you already use it it will automaticly update.