Amazon recently launched their music service, Amazon Cloud Player, but you do not need to move your entire music collection over to Amazon to listen to music through your browser. If your collection is already available via Dropbox, you can access your music using the music service DropTunes.

It is easy to get started with DropTunes. You simply visit and log in with your Dropbox username and password. From the service, you can see the various folders you have created.

When you navigate to a folder containing music files, press the Play link in front of the song to start playback. If you push the big play button, you are redirected to the frontpage, for some strange reason. Another disadvantage of the service is that playlists are not yet supported.

DropTunes comes in two different versions, one using Flash technology and the other using HTML5. Besides mp3 support the HTML5 version also supports m4a, ogg, and wav files, while the Flash version only supports mp3.

It is expected that Apple will launch a music service in the cloud, so that the browser will be the next music player, just like Google recently did with its music service called Music Beta. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of being able to listen to music through the browser is access to your music from anywhere. It also means that you have access to music from virtually any device, such as smart phones. This is also the case for DropTunes.

The developers of DropTunes plans to launch an application for for Android and iOS later.