The French Linux distribution Mandriva has had a few turbulent years lately. At the end of last year a large number of developers left the company to start a new Linux distribution based on Mandriva, which they called Mageia.

The development of this Mandriva fork was begun in September last year, and now the first version of Mageia is available for download.

Mageia does not differ significantly from Mandriva. It uses the same system software update and they have also copied the system administration from Mandriva.

As a desktop-agnostic distribution, Mageia has all the popular desktop environments, along with various window managers. Here’s an overview of them:

KDE SC 4.6.3. This release brings many improvements and new features for more details check the release announcement.

GNOME 2.32, with the plethora of popular applications that come with it (Totem, Rhythmbox, Epiphany, Evolution, The GNOME Archiver (file-roller), Evince, F-Spot… etc).

The latest stable version, 4.8.1, of XFCE, it brings many improvements, for the full details have a look at the XFCE 4.8 release announcement.

Latest stable LXDE packages (PCManFM, LXSession, LXTerminal, Gpicview, LXRandR).

Window Managers
Various other window managers, which in reality they’re just small and very lightweight desktop environments:

Like most of the other Linux distributions Mageia also includes LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice.

Mageia 1 is available for download from the projects website.

(via TechWorld, Mageia)