Just a few months after the launch of Firefox 4.0, Mozilla has decided that this version will no longer be supported. Firefox 4.0 only received one update, version 4.0.1, which was released in April. This means that in order to have a safe browser, you are recommended by Mozilla to update to Firefox 5.

Mozilla 4.0 has reached EOL status (End of Life) now that the company has decided to update the browser far more frequently in order to compete with Google Chrome.

However, it is not entirely unproblematic to update Firefox to version 5.0. Many users report that installed add-ons is not yet compatible with Firefox 5.0.

Still, Mozilla says that 84 percent of all add-ons which work in version 4, will also work in Firefox 5.0.

(via ITavisen.no, ghacks.net)