It’s no wonder people get addicted to the Internet, especially if they have a lot of different interests. With so much information, news, communication and entertainment, it is easy to get carried away.

To put it all in perspective, “Go-Globe” made an illustration to give an example of some of the things that happens within 60 seconds on the Internet. See the image in full size here.

Here some of the incredible numbers:

  • 695,000 Facebook status updates
  • 510,040 new Facebook comments
  • 600 new video clips uploaded to YouTube
  • 13,000 iPhone app downloads
  • 1,700 Firefox downloads
  • 320 new Twitter accounts
  • 98,000 new tweets
  • 70 new domains registered
  • 168 million e-mails sent
  • 694,445 searches on Google

(via ITavisen, Gizmodo)