The KDE software Marble, which was originally an open version of Google Earth, has grown and become a complete GPS navigator.

UPDATE: This info turns out to be incorrect, see comments to clarify. 

Now it’s just the finishing touches left and they need your help. KDE Marble is looking for a “radio voice” who is willing to record the commands given to the motorist.

No payment will be given, but you get the honor of commanding motorists worldwide, if your voice is chosen.

Thousands of people use Marble on the Nokia N900 to find their way and explore the world. Become their voice! Record your voice speaking a handful of turn instructions like Bear left! and send them to us. With a bit of luck you’re chosen to be the voice of Marble: Your voice becomes the default speaker in Marble’s next version 1.2.

To participate you will need a microphone where you record classic commands and upload to KDE. The audio files are licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0.

The contest started on June 15 and continues until July 15. The winner will be announced on July 18 and on July 27 Marble 1.2 ships with the winning voice.

For more information on what you need to do to participate, visit the “Voice of Marble” project.


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