Earlier rumors that Spotify will be released in the U.S. during this summer now appears to be true. Yesterday, Spotify launched a website that allows U.S. users to register their interest in the music streaming service.

According to the website, Spotify will “soon be landing on US shores,” but no exact date has been revealed. As the case was when Spotify was released in Europe, only invited users will be able to try the service the first few months.

According to the LA Times, Spotify has not yet managed to get an agreement with Warner Music, which is important for the service to get the same range as in Europe.

Spotify does not yet have the necessary licenses to play songs from Warner Music Group‘s extensive catalog, according to industry sources knowledgeable with the negotiations. Spotify has secured agreements with the other three major record labelsUniversal Music Group, EMI Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

It is currently not clear what type of subscriptions Spotify will use in the U.S. Advertising-funded music has worked well in Europe, but some U.S. record companies have previously indicated that they do not want to use the same model in the U.S.

In the European market Spotify is reported to have 10 million registered users, including 1 million subscribers who pay a monthly fee for its premium service.

(via LA Times)