48 percent of all smart phones that was shipped from the factory during the second quarter of 2011, was running Android as an operating system, according to a press release from the research firm Canalys.

Android has quickly become a giant in the smart phone market. No fewer than 51.9 million Android-equipped phones was shipped from the factories during the second quarter of 2011. This is an increase of almost five times compared to the same period last year. The operating system is also said to be the most popular in 35 of the 56 countries that Canalys collected data from.

Android’s growth is impressive and has quickly surpassed most forecasts. The platform accounted for 32 percent of all smart phones in the fourth quarter of 2010 and a year before the figure was 9 percent.

Apple also delivers some impressive figures, and they have now got 19 percent of the smartphone market share. This is enough to keep them in a global second place, before Nokia‘s Symbian platform.

‘The iPhone has been a phenomenal success story for Apple and a watershed product for the market,’ said Canalys VP and Principal Analyst Chris Jones. ‘It’s an impressive success story, given that Apple has only been in the smart phone market for four years. With the next-generation iPhone anticipated in Q3, it’s likely that Apple’s position will grow even stronger in the second half of the year.’

According to Canalys, Apple has delivered 20.3 million units during the second quarter of 2011, and that makes Apple the world’s largest single supplier of smart mobile phones. The position is expected to strengthen further this autumn with the launch of the iPhone 5.

(via TechWorld)