As part of Google’s investment in the social network, Google+ , the company has teamed up with several famous game developers. Some of these are PopCap, Zynga, Rovio, Bioware and Funzio. As soon as the rollout of Google+ is complete, a “games” button will appear on your page.

As a temporary measure to attract game developers, Google takes a fee of only 5% of the virtual transactions in the gaming service. In comparison, Facebook takes a full 30 percent for the use of the Facebook Credits system.

Unlike Facebook, where your friends gaming activities are spread all over your personal page, Google+ will include a separated flow for games.

“Today we’re adding games to Google+. With the Google+ project, we want to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to the web. But sharing is about more than just conversations. The experiences we have together are just as important to our relationships. We want to make playing games online just as fun, and just as meaningful, as playing in real life.”

“That means giving you control over when you see games, how you play them and with whom you share your experiences. Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don’t.”

Here’s an overview of the games that will be available from launch:

  • Angry Birds (Rovio)
  • Bejeweled Blitz (PopCap)
  • Bubble Island (Wooga)
  • City of Wonder (Playdom)
  • Collapse! Blast (Gamehouse)
  • Crime City (Funzio)
  • Diamond Dash (Wooga)
  • Dragon Age Legends (Bioware)
  • Dragons Of Atlantis (Kabam)
  • Edge World (Kabam)
  • Flood-It! (LabPixies)
  • Monster World (Wooga)
  • Sudoku
  • Wild Ones (Playdom)
  • Zombie Lane (Digital Chocolate)
  • Zynga Poker (Zynga)


(via Google Blog)