Skype has just launched their own App Directory, similar to Apple’s App Store. It has previously been possible to download third party applications for Skype, but they are now gathered in a central location.

Currently, the number of applications reasonably limited, as there are only 23 programs available in the store. They are divided into different categories like Business and Mobile video communication. There will probably be added a lot more applications in the near future.

Here are some of the most popular apps:

VodBurner Video Call Recorder: Skype video recorder that creates complete video productions directly from Skype calls. Record both sides of any Skype video conversation, directly to your hard disk.

InnerPass Screen Sharing: Desktop sharing, application sharing, group chat, conference bridge, contact management, Skype call and chat integration, pass control to any participant, meeting rooms and file sharing.

VuRoom: Multi-party video conferencing with up to 8 attendees, displayed in ‘Hollywood-squares’ format. Share slide presentations, images, and PDF documents. Playback recordings with perfect sync between videos, audio, slides and chat.

Many of the applications are free while others cost everything from a few dollars up to several hundred dollars. If you click on an application you are directed to a description page, which also has comments from users.