In an interview with the Associated Press, the lead singer of the rock band The Who, Pete Townsend, claims that Apple’s iTunes makes money on the music but fails to give support to the artists who created the music.

Instead of just selling the music, iTunes should, according to Townsend, take on the same role as record companies previously had.

“These include employing talents scouts, giving space to allow bands to stream their music and paying smaller artists directly rather than through a third party aggregator.”

Apple’s iTunes is the market leader in digital distribution of music and represent about 75 percent of the market. Pete Townsend believes that both the consumers and the industry must change its attitude regarding the digital distribution of music.

“It would be better if music lovers treated music like food, and paid for every helping, rather than only when it suited them,” adding, “why can’t music lovers just pay for music rather than steal it?”

According to Apple Insider, Townshend has released 11 albums with The Who, and another 12 as a solo artist, and is worth an estimated $75 million.

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