A man suspected of breaking into a vehicle has given Henry County police a picture perfect piece of evidence.

Speaking to 11Alive News on the condition of anonymity, the victim said that two days after someone stole her purse and its contents, including her phone, she found a picture of a stranger on her Facebook page. The stranger resembled a man she saw outside of her child’s day care center, where the purse was taken from her car.  This happened in McDonough, Georgia.

“As far as his character, pretty much scum,” said the victim. “Not the brightest bulb.”

The victim believes the suspect used her stolen phone to take the picture, then attempted to put the photo on his own Facebook page. Because of the settings on her phone, the picture went to the victim’s page instead.

Henry County Police have issued a lookout, placing the suspect’s self-portrait (as seen above) on flyers.

Who needs fingerprints, with thiefs like this around…?

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