Last week it became clear that Grand Theft Auto V is definitely on the way, something that rumors had been saying for a long time. The game was announced by the developer Rockstar Games, and they did it by putting up a poster on their website, counting down to the first trailer for the game.

The trailer shows us that the game returns to San Andreas with its warm climate and soaring palm trees, which are clearly inspired by the California State. In the trailer, we see only one of the three cities in the state, Los Santos, with its tall skyscrapers, vineyards and fast sports cars.

There is nothing to indicate that the area is struggling with less crime than in the previous games. We see bank robbers masquerading as pest control, we see prostitution, and many more crimes.

We also see mountains and scenery that could indicate that we will not only be placed in urban areas this time. It also seems as if we once again will have the opportunity to fly an aircraft, maybe even a plane, which would be nice, since Grand Theft Auto IV just let us traverse the skies in small helicopters.

The background story and theme for Grand Theft Auto V is pretty undescribed for now, although there are rumors that have been going in all directions.

Enough talk, here’s the trailer:

Obviously, the game can be pre-ordered here: