Rumors of a new movie or video service started already when Spotify began with advertisements in video format more than two years ago. Now the rumors are back, following an invitation to a press conference where Spotify hints about the company going in a “new direction”.

“At Spotify, we continually strive to innovate and deliver exciting new experiences for our users,” Spotify said in an email statement to Mashable. “In New York on November 30th, we are holding our first press conference to unveil the latest major development from Spotify – and a new direction for the company.”

In recent weeks, Spotify has been challenged by Google, which has launched their new music service, Google Music, which allows users to upload, share and browse songs, and then listen to them on the go via cloud storage on Android devices. And Apple just recently made it possible for users to stream their music via iCloud to their iDevices.

The event in New York is announced as a global press conference and the event will also be streamed live online. Spotify founder Daniel Ek will be running the show, something he rarely does for smaller news, and there will also be a special guest or two.

Spotify’s latest big launch took place in September when Daniel Ek took the stage along with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and announced a cooperation between the two companies This made Spotify a more integral part of the social networking site.

The invitation has resulted in lots of speculation around the web, and if you have an idea of what the big news might be, feel free to share it in the comments.