Google has released Google Currents, a personalized magazine with content from sites and services picked by the user, much like the popular Flipboard app. Google Currents gathers content such as images, photos and text from Facebook, Twitter and news sites and displays them in an easily navigated manner. on an Android tablet

Currents are will be available for both tablets and phones running iOS or Android. Flipboard, on the other hand, is currently only available for iOS and was released just days before Google Currents launch for the iPhone. Other competitors are apps like Pulse, which is also available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. There is also an app from Yahoo called Livestand. on an Android phone

Google have been working with major publications such as Forbes Magazine, AlJazeera and PC World to offer their content in the app and the content has been formatted to fit for the various units. Google also offer a self-service platform that gives publishers the flexibility to design, brand and customize their web content.

Google Currents is now available for download in Android Market and the Apple App Store for US users only. It will probably be made available for the rest of us in a matter of weeks.

(via IDG News, Google Mobile Blog)