So many doomsday theories today involve contact with extraterrestrial beings. As anticiption of some kind of civilization-changing event builds to its climax in 2012, people are counting on a certain type of alien being for solutions to our ultimate survival. These beings are called Greys.

Made popular by Whitley Strieber‘s book, Communion, these grey skinned, 4 foot tall beings with oversized, pear shaped heads and huge black eyes have become the archetype for our obsession with non-human entities. These days it is politically correct to call them “Zetas” with the belief that their origin lies in the Zeta Reticuli star system, some 35 light years away. How and why they came here is the source of a plethora of interesting stories with both good and bad implications for humanity.

Early close encounters

I decided to explore some of these stories to see how we have come to call the Grey’s “Zetas” and how we have learned what we know about them. I looked at some of the earliest documented encounters of aliens and their spaceships and paid special attention to the descriptions given of the unearthly inhabitants.

Although there are many abduction stories, the ones I have selected stand out from the rest because of their credibility. The people reporting the abductions are not celebrities and have had no prior experience with anything like this before. They had nothing to gain from reporting their experiences and, in fact, many regretted that they had done so.

Suprisingly, early descriptions of extraterrestrials do not appear to be typical “Greys” at all.

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