Right now another spam attack is spreading on Facebook, trying to trick users to click on a video. According to David Jacoby at security company Kaspersky Lab the new spam attack started on Facebook this morning.

The link that now spreads on Facebook has the text: “Laura Frisian: The Most Beautiful Ass In The World!”

It seems that the server also hosts about 300 pages similar to the one you see above. All of the pages look the same, but have different videos.

Here are a few examples:

  • If you like Nutella, never look this video!!!
  • Drill a tooth abscess! Disgusting :s
  • Compilation of Embarrassing and Busted! Photos, Awesome 😀
  • Transgender 10-Year-Old, Boy Happier As A Girl !
  • A Really Giant Baby ! Amazing it looks so real 😀
  • Air Race Plane Crashed in the crowd during a show !
  • The worst thing that can happen to a girl!
  • A fisherman catches a couple when they make … 😀

According to David Jacoby the links does not actually point to any malicious code, but it redirects you to a page with lots of ads, allowing the creator to earn money for each link that people click.


(via IDG News)