The White House plans an intensive week of social media in connection with the president’s annual State of the Union address. Among other things, Barack Obama will be hosting a video chat in Google+ Hangouts.

Every year, the U.S. President holds a speech to Congress on the state of the country, the so-called State of the Union. This year’s speech will be the starting point of an intensive week of social media appearances for Obama.

Questions to the president can be asked via YouTube,com/AskObama and users can vote for their favorites among the questions.  Obama will then respond to some of the questions.

Obama has been using a similar approach after the speech for the last two years, only this time, however,  some of the people who ask a question, are also given the opportunity to chat directly with the president through Google+ Hangouts.

The video chat will take place the day before the State of the Union speech, in other words, on January 30.

Earlier this year, Facebook was involved in organizing a primary election debate with Republicans and President Obama also answered questions that users of  Facebook asked when he visited Facebook’s headquarters last year.

During the fall Google also arranged a debate between Republicans in cooperation with Fox News.


(via IDG News)