A man from Washington in the United States has filed a lawsuit against the security company Symantec, where he accuses the company of fraud and illegal practices. According to the lawsuit, Symantec uses the same kind of intimidation techniques as fake scareware software to sell its PC cleanup utilities.

The man who submitted the lawsuit states that Symantec offers a free tool that checks whether a computer has any security flaws. The tool gives the user a wide range of messages stating yhat the computer must be fixed and that the only solution is to buy Symantec security software.

The method is, according to the man, identical to how scareware works. Scareware is software that tricks users into believing that their computer has a virus and tries to entice users to buy fake anti-virus software to fix the problem.

Symantec says that the lawsuit is unfounded and that the company will defend its business practices in the upcoming hearing,

(via IDG News)