Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload, was last week granted bail and freed from prison. Yesterday, he agreed to an interview with torrent blog TorrentFreak, where he speaks out about his views on the situation.

In January, the Department of Justice shut down Megaupload and arrested seven of the file sharing site’s employees, including the founder, Kim Dotcom. He was arrested at his home in New Zealand and has, until last week, been sitting behind bars.

After his release last week, he is now allowed to use a computer, but he is denied any access to the internet before the upcoming trial. TorrentFreak managed to reach him by phone, and after spending a few days with his wife and children he states that he was doing fine.

“You should have been here, it was amazing, it was like a war zone. Armed police everywhere….two helicopters,” Kim recalled when he describes his arrest. “The New Zealand authorities certainly put on a show for the FBI.”

He is convinced that Megupload will win in the upcoming trial.

“We’re going for this and we’re confident we’re going to win. It [the heavy handedness] went way too far, it was out of all proportion,” Kim told TorrentFreak. “We feel that the action taken against us was political.”

The entire interview can be read here.