Microsoft’s communications service Skype has been available in versions for Android, iPhone, iPad and Symbian for quite a while, and finally the first beta version is now also available for Windows Phone.

Microsoft promises that this beta version will have full support for handling video calls for free over wireless networks or mobile networks. As in the standard Windows version you can also call ordinary telephone numbers with the use of Skype Credit.

Imagine talking to friends, family, and colleagues anywhere in the world, and seeing them as if they’re in the same room. That’s Skype.

  • Make and receive voice/video calls and instant messages to anyone else using Skype, whether on a Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Mac, PC or television.
  • Use your Skype account for free at home, at work, or on-the-go (WiFi connection or mobile data plan required).

NOTE: This is a pre-release (beta) product and you may come across occasional bugs and issues. Please tell us what you think, we would love to have your feedback.

Skype for Windows Phone Beta has been certified for the Nokia Lumia phones, HTC Titan and Radar and a couple of Samsung’s Windows Phones. At the moment you will have to download the app manually, but in the future it will be preinstalled on all Windows Phone devices.