Spotify today released a new version of their software which contains new functions like Gapless playback and Crossfade. With Gapless playback activated the tracks will flow seamlessly without any silence between them. This is nice when listening to classical music, live recordings or concept albums.

Another new feature is Crossfade which mixes songs by creating transitions from one song to another. Crossfade can be described as an auto dj that mixes the music for you to avoid interruptions.

This release brings the following new features:

  • Gapless playback (‘on’ by default)
  • Crossfade support (‘on’ via Preferences)
  • Faster artist browsing
  • New save and restore feature for ‘Now Playing’
  • Improved Subscribe, Buddy List and Favourites options
  • Drag & drop fixed on Windows
  • ‘Hide purchase buttons’ option (Premium-users only)
  • ‘Offline Mode’ via Spotify menu

Spotify started rolling out the new release today and it will be activated automatically when you are asked to restart Spotify. If it’s not available for you yet, you can either wait or download the preview version for (Mac – Win).

(via Spotify Blog)