Angry Birds Space has gone in for landing and the game is now finally available for download. The game is currently free, but you will have to put up with advertising to generate revenue for Rovio.  However, an ad-free version is coming later, along with a high-resolution version of the game for tablets.

Rovio promises new features, new birds and 60 new levels. Free updates will be released with time, adding even more features and levels to the game.

Here are some of the new features in Angry Birds Space:

  • 60 interstellar levels!
  • Regular free updates!
  • Brand new birds!
  • Brand new superpowers!
  • Zero-gravity space adventures!
  • Trick shots using planets’ gravity!
  • Hidden bonus levels!
  • Beautifully detailed backgrounds!

This is also the first Angry Birds game that is released along with toys, books and a television series.

To download the game visit the official website and pick the platform of your choice, or follow these download links for iOSAndoidPC and Mac.