Google is preparing a major overhaul of its search results, so that over the coming months you will get more direct answers, in plain language, as to what what you are looking for. If you type a question in the search field, you will first get the facts and answers, and the traditional search results with links to other web sites will follow.

Google is trying to incorporate a technology they call semantic search, which in turn should lead to results more relevant, by the search engine understanding the actual meaning of the words. The technology will not replace the current search principles based on keywords, only enhance them.

The answers will be collected from a constantly growing database, but if you search for something that is not in the database, Google will search for relevant results in web pages that are indexed.

The new search system will also be closely linked to ads, potentially linking to specific online stores. So if you search for Ernest Hemingway, you may want to not only get relevant information but also be provided with the opportunity to buy books, according to The Wall Street Journal.

None of these plans has been officially confirmed by Google, but will still be rolled out over the coming months, while there are plans to introduce a completely “new generation of search” in the years ahead.


(via ITavisen)