Sony wants to turn the downward trend for the company, so they have now choosen to focus on reorganization and a brand new motto: One Sony.

The changes are effective from April 1, 2012, which is the same date as Kazuo Hirai will be taking over as the new President and CEO. Hirai was previously CEO of Playstation, but will now be taking full responsibility for the enire company.

Under the leadership of Mr. Hirai, Corporate Executive Officers Masaru Kato, EVP and CFO, and Tadashi Saito, EVP and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) will oversee the Sony Group‘s overall financial management, corporate and business strategies. With respect to the electronics businesses, in addition to Mr. Kato and Mr. Saito, Shoji Nemoto, Corporate Executive Officer and EVP who will oversee technology strategy, and Kunimasa Suzuki, Corporate Executive Officer and EVP, who will oversee product strategy, will take key roles in the management team that will support Mr. Hirai and work together with the heads of each business group, platform and headquarters function to quickly engage in the revitalization of Sony’s electronics operations. 

The reorganization means roughly that Sony will reduce a number of consumer product and service groups, and will now be focused on digital imaging, games and mobile as the three core pillars of its electronics business.

Kazuo Hirai has said that he will devote extra attention the Home Entertainment Business, including the TV business, a business area tha have been fighting an uphill battle in recent years.


(via IDG News)